May be a journal

Yesterday after school, I went to a park named Park At Lake Balaton, which I have never been before. I spent a while on Balaton Lake. I had much time on the outside-lake platform of Balaton Café. I’ve had a little time to think about my future plan, university and to listen my inner feelings. I decided to write something to read in the future, thus I wrote a letter for myself.

I made a decision, I am going to write on my blog at least weekly adventures from my life. It may be my little university journal, after that I would like to write more momentous writings like essays on the website.IMG_2486

Hello World

Hello world, I have a personal blog plan in order to accommodate my thoughts and some information that occasionally needs to be since a few years. I started and left a couple of times, but this time I want to continue.

What will this be?

According to my plans the website will be multi-lingual so that I can reach wider masses and I can improve my English level.

You can send me your thinks about the website with email address. goodbye 🙂