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I am an Energy Systems Engineer enjoying observing the innovations of the world. 

I worked with these technologies:

  • Containerization Kubernetes & Docker with nVidia GPUs.
  • Computer Vision cuDNN, Tensorflow, YOLO, pyTorch.
  • Linux Server Management centOS (RHEL 6,7,8), Ubuntu Server.
  • Embedded (IOT) Systems Designs with STM32, ESP32, ESP8266.

I am currently a Volunteer Engineer at VoltaTEAM, a team competing in the Tubitak International Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races since 2014 with 2 vehicles electromobile and hydromobile

Now contestant of the Tubitak International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition with new UAV projects. I am responsible for the autonomous flight, target detection and mission success of the UAV. 

Check out my LinkedIn and Github profile for more professional information, follow on TwitterInstagram. See what I like to listen on and follow on Spotify.

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